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social media


  • Determine which social media channels make the most sense for you

  • Create an action plan, aligned with your overarching company-specific goals

  • Develop micro-influencers to help you acheive your abjectives

  • Measure, analyze and report results


  • Social media strategy training

  • Social media management training, for all applicable social media platforms

  • Social media analytics training

  • Content curation training

  • Review management and customer service social media training


  • Full social media management outsourcing on all applicable platforms

  • Monthly reporting and strategy planning

  • Review and comment response and management

  • Curation of content, both organic and shared

  • Social listening and partnership facilitation


  • Social media presence reboot and set-up

  • Communication campaign for new service lines

  • Social media advertising campaign

  • Campaign reporting and analysis

  • A and B testing

  • Cross-channel promotion

  • Campaign goal setting

Let's Get Social!

Did you know people actually go to school for social media management?


We didn't either until we hired our fabulous social media manager away from her job at Harvard. We're super glad she ditched those degenerates to join our team. That was a close call.

Social media is big business! We know you have millennials on staff who you assume can manage your social media because they aren't as old as you, but as we're learning, that's actually not the best way to select a social media manager. Turns out, it's like a legit skill set that is developed, crafted, and nurtured.


We know! We were surprised too! 

Kidding aside, social media is serious business, and it's already impacting your business more than you may know. You're already a rock star. We're just the ones who can make sure everyone else knows too. :)

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