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Community Relations

  • Helping you leverage opportunities to be a good corporate citizen

  • Sharing your great news with those around you, cheering you on

  • Identifying stategic partnerships aligned with your values with those in need around you 

  • Establishing you and your organization as a community influencer



  • Staff education and training

  • Holding statement development 

  • Communication strategy

  • Media coaching and preparedness

  • Disaster preparedness training and planning

  • Establish notification and crisis monitoring plans and protocol

  • Post-crisis monitoring and reporting



  • Curating media mentions, interviews, guest writing and authorship

  • Interview preparedness and coaching

  • Relationship development and management with key media influencers

  • Reputation management and strategy

  • Identifying applicable media resources and channels specific to message

Copywriting &


  • Press release development and distribution

  • Web and marketing copywriting and messaging

  • Employee and community communications

  • Internal and external communication strategy, development and planning

  • Content writing and development

  • Ghostwriting articles, blogs, books and speeches 

We tell the story of you.

Do you know why we say, “God bless you,” when someone sneezes?*


Stories are essential to human communication because they are far more memorable than other ways of conveying information—you’ll likely remember the above story the next time you sneeze. Brain scans reveal that when we hear a story, our whole brain responds.

To be memorable in a world filled with brands and advertising, you and your company need to have a compelling story that you can tell effectively.


*Now you do: During the plague of AD 590, Pope Gregory decreed that anyone sneezing should be immediately blessed because sneezing was an early sign of the plague.

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