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Yep, We're Calling It: Social Media is Here to Stay

Just a few years ago, social media marketing was considered a luxury, not a necessity. Today virtually every company, non-profit, and government entity has a social media presence. Launching social media for your business may be as easy as creating an account and uploading a few photos, but it is not simple. When it is done well, social media breaks down barriers and fosters relationships between organizations and the public.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a lot of companies we speak with are investing in social media efforts to impact sales. While a strong social presence will assist your sales efforts, that is not the goal of social media. Social media strategy should reflect your desire to connect with your clients, end users, and/or potential clients. It should be facilitated as a two-way street, where you provide meaningful and engagement content for your followers to interact with, and while you actively seek out content to interact with as well. Nobody likes that friend who only ever talks about themselves, so don't let that be your social media personality. Be a good friend. Listen, like, engage.

At LMC Spotlight, we have had tremendous success providing strategy, guidance, and content for our clients, who have seen their engagement skyrocket and their sales climb. We customize each plan for each client, since every organization has its own needs, strengths, and challenges.

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