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We are fortunate to be able to do work that we love, and one of our favorite challenges is assisting new companies with branding campaigns, as well as existing companies with branding reboots. It's like having a blank canvas with limitless opportunities...and boy, do we love to create!

Our first step in the process is something we call brandstorming. It's what it sounds like - brainstorming surrounding branding plans, but brandstorming is such a fun word, right?

We start off by asking a specific set of questions to our client, to truly understand their personality, their brand's personality, their services, differentiators, goals, competitive landscape, etc... Then we go through images, like a marketing rorschach test...kind see what images are visually appealing to our client. We explore colors, themes, taglines, and then after casting a wide, creative net, we marinate in the ideas for a bit, to allow the best options to rise to the surface.

What can start off as a very daunting task is actually quite enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding when you have the right people at the table. Have you recently launched a brand or completed a brand reboot? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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